Meeting: North Spencer Schools

The North Spencer School Board met Monday, Aug. 12, and:

• Held a work session on the 2020 budget.

• Held public hearings on teacher compensation and collective bargaining as mandated in SEA 390.

• Approved the following resignations: instructional assistant Kris Gunn and preschool assistant Erica Cital at Nancy Hanks Elementary; and instructional assistant Gail Fischer and cafeteria assistant Marlene Keonig at Heritage Hills High School.

• Approved the following appointments: instructional assistant Jeanna Still at Chrisney Elementary; instructional assistant Angie Hill at David Turnham Education Center; custodian Tabitha Albertson at Lincoln Trail Elementary; instructional assistant Andrew Roos, before school care assistant Abby Kern, after school care assistant Angie Ibilal, instructional assistant Jennifer Bolen, instructional assistant Sami Ibilal, instructional assistant Stephanie Juelfs and preschool assistant Emily Oeding at Nancy Hanks Elementary; and assistant girls soccer coach Breigh Haase, instructional assistant Sara Farrar-Haase, internship and education professions supervisor Brenda Allen, volunteer assistant boys tennis coach Ray Kaetzel and instructional assistant Marcie Gaines at the high school.

• Approved transferring $100,000 from the education fund to the operations fund. This is a monthly action.

• Approved a resolution to advertise the 2020 budget and hold the hearing, as required by state law.

• Approved a contract with Meadors Construction of Dale to make improvements to the track and field shot put area for $7,300.

• Approved Jeff Cochren, Chad Schnieders, Lori Hermann, Ben Lawalin and Jody Schmitt to attend the Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy Advanced Training in Indianapolis.

• Approved the following facilities use requests: Buffalo Trace Council to use the elementary school cafeterias for Cub Scout sign ups from 6 to 8 p.m. CT Thursday, Aug. 29; and America’s Christmas Hometown to use the high school cafeteria and hallway and the Heritage Hills Middle School Blue Gym and hallways for the Christmas in Santa Claus Craft Show on Dec. 14.

• Heard that 11 teachers and five administrators attended the Smekens Writing Workshop in July.

• Heard that the new staff meet and greet with the school board will be held at 5:30 p.m. CT Monday, Aug. 26, prior to the school board meeting.

• Heard that there will be an open house to tour the new administration building from 1 to 5 p.m. CT on Monday, Aug. 26.

• Discussed the Indiana Department of Education bulletin regarding proficiency levels for the first year of the ILEARN standardized test.

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