Meeting: Jasper Public Works and Safety

The Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety met this morning and:

”¢ Heard from City Engineer Chad Hurm that the remaining fiber-optic lines that Windstream Communications and its subcontractor, Lewen Line Construction, both of Jeffersonville, are installing in Jasper will be aerial, meaning that they will not need the 15 to 20 cuts they’d planned to make in city streets and sidewalks. Lewen had been installing a line from an existing line at German American on Eighth Street to Kimball International but was required to halt the work earlier this month because of cuts already made without Hurm’s knowledge. The companies worked with Hurm and the electric department to adjust the plan so that no more cuts are needed.

”¢ Offered the police department’s telecommunications officer position to Dan Collins, who retired this year as a police officer. He will fill the position left open by Greg Brescher, who was hired as a police officer in October.

”¢ Consented to Police Chief Mike Bennett’s request to start an internal search to hire a full-time administrative assistant. The position will change from part time to full time next year.

Ӣ Hired Christopher B. Burke of Indianapolis to conduct a hydraulic assessment on Patoka River and nearby land between the Third Avenue and Veterans Memorial bridges; the study will cost no more than $31,200.

”¢ Purchased a 2014 Ford F150 truck from Sternberg Ford of Jasper for $22,659. The truck will be a part of the city’s vehicle pool for employees to use for work purposes. It will replace a 2002 Ford Explorer.

”¢ Approved Bennett’s request to get quotes for two police cars. Funding for the cars is in the police department’s budget.

Ӣ Gave Jasper High School art teacher Joshua Dodd permission to restore some tombstones in Enlow Cemetery, which is near the city mill. Dodd went to Pfaffenweiler, Germany, this past summer to learn the art of stone carving with the goal of restoring tombstones in the city as part of the Resurrecting History from the Grave project endorsed by the Sister Cities organization. He will conduct his restoration work throughout next year.

”¢ Approved Trinity United Church of Christ’s request to use two shelterhouses at the Riverwalk on Sept. 28 for Sunday school, a worship service and a picnic.

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