Meeting: Jasper Utility Service Board

The Jasper Utility Service Board met Monday and:

• Opened three quotes for a wastewater department manhole rehabilitation project. The cost will not exceed $30,000, and the low bid was approved, pending a spec review.

• Approved an annual generator service agreement at a cost of $3,656.50.

• Approved replacing inlet actuator valves at a cost of $40,648. The valves come from Harold Beck and Sons Inc.

• Approved requesting bids for a project that would see the replacement of a roughly 1,600-foot, six-inch water main, with a 12-inch line. The estimated cost is $190,000. The line is located on Northwood Avenue between U.S. 231 and Westwood Boulevard.

• Approved sending a tapping machine away for refurbishment and an air operator replacement at a total cost of $16,900.

• Approved an encroachment agreement from the Jasper River Centre for the establishment of a “bark park” area. A patio area and proposed dog park will be located behind the new building, over a section of sanitary sewer and trail access easements.

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