Meeting: Jasper Utility Service Board

The Jasper Utility Service Board met Monday and:

• Opened and awarded a bid from Spectra Tech for a manhole rehabilitation project, pending a spec review. The total price of the project will not exceed $30,000.

• Heard from General Utilities Manager Bud Hauersperger that work on the power plant salvaging is ongoing. The office remains, but the rest has been reduced to rubble and pieces. Hauersperger is hoping that by the next meeting, the site will be flat, though underground work is expected to continue.

• Approved an agreement with Christopher Burke for a Beaver Lake dam and spillway inspection, at a cost not to exceed $4,500. The inspection takes place every two years and is mandated by the Department of Natural Resources.

• Heard from Nick Jahn with VS Engineering that project closeout has begun on the U.S. 231 water supply and pressure improvement project. The total cost of the project was $4,075,000, about $16,000 over the project’s original price tag.

• Approved an update on an agreement with Ireland Water.

• Approved a wastewater rate increase. Overall, the proposed new rate for the average residential customer who uses approximately 5,000 gallons of flow would compute to $38.76 per month — or an increase of $1.19 per month. A news brief can be found on Page 4.

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