Meeting: Jasper Redevelopment Commission

The Jasper Redevelopment Commission met Tuesday and:

• Approved claims regarding the transfer of the old Jasper Public Library building.

• Heard and approved the 2020 annual financial report, given by Clerk-Treasurer Allen Seifert. In general, all of the cash balances and expenses looked in line with what was expected, the commission agreed. The report showed that there is much more money  $552,046.22  in the Central Area TIF than in the Riverfront TIF or the general fund. “We’re not trying to build up a cash balance in the general fund,” President Andrew Seger said. “In the Riverfront area, we’re going to be paying 95% of those bonds over a period of time to the developers, so where we’re going to build up a significant balance over time, or have the capacity to use, is going to be in that Central Area fund.”

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