Meeting: Jasper Public Library

The Jasper Public Library Board met Thursday and:

• Heard that the library is keeping the Annex Building open for as long as possible, barring COVID-19 restrictions, especially to accommodate students who will potentially need a space to work while schools implement e-learning. “People are learning that we’re a good, safe place to be,” Experiences Manager Jordan Schuetter said.

• Approved a quote of $9,000 from Bob Whitlock, who has worked with the library before, to help with the move.

• Heard from Library Director Christine Golden that the Jasper City/Library LLC is the current owner of the Annex Building and will be looking at ways to sell the building in a timely manner after the first of the year. The library board is entrusting the LLC to complete the sale on their behalf, she said.

• Heard that the library is still looking for adult and teen programmers. Golden said dozens have applied and have been whittled down to about five candidates.

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