Meeting: Jasper Public Library Board

Jasper Public Library Board met Thursday and:

• Heard that demolition of the Hoosier Desk building at the corner of Third and Mill streets will begin on Monday to make way for the Jasper Cultural Center, which will house the library and the Jasper Community Arts Commission. A public celebration is planned for 10 a.m. and will include the bubble truck.

• Approved an appropriation of $5.4 million for construction of the library’s portion of the Cultural Center. The amount will be funded over several years through a property tax increase, which voters approved in a referendum vote in the 2016 November election.

• Approved the final bond resolution which allows the board to borrow the $5.4 million to be paid back over several years.

• Heard that the draft of the planned unit development for the Cultural Center is in review. The planned unit development allows the creation of mixed-use spaces like the Cultural Center.

• Heard that the board has some offers for storing the materials salvaged from the Hoosier Desk building until they are used in construction of the Cultural Center. The materials will be decorative.

• Heard that demolition crews will work Monday through Saturday, beginning with the three-story section of the Hoosier Desk building and ending with the buildings on Mill Street. Demolition is expected to take about two months.

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