Meeting: Jasper Public Library

The Jasper Public Library Board met Thursday and:

• Elected officers for 2020. The officers are: Pamela Catt, president; Carol Hodell, vice president; Ann Shappard, secretary; and Phil Tolbert, treasurer.

• Heard that the library will offer adulting classes to patrons age 16 through 25 to teach basic life skills and financial literacy.

• Heard that the library will host dulcimer lessons. The program has been popular at the Ferdinand and Dubois branches.

• Heard a construction update on the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center. The steel work is complete throughout the building, which will house both the Jasper Public Library and the Jasper Community Arts Commission at the corner of Third and Mill streets. Roofing is also starting on the library portion of the building, which sits next to the Patoka River. The roof is complete on the arts portion of the building — which sits facing Fourth Street — and exterior brick work is beginning on that section of the building. The project is on track for completion in the fall of this year.

• Heard that a local company has pledged to donate a significant amount of furniture to the cultural center. Bid packages for remaining furniture needs are almost ready to go out.

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