Meeting: Jasper Public Library

The Jasper Public Library Board met Thursday and:

• Heard that the Jasper LEADs — Library, Enrichment, Arts and Downtown — fundraising team that formed in 2016 will make one final push to reach its $6 million goal this spring. The team is made up of representatives from the library and Jasper Community Arts Commission and formed to raise money for the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center, The Astra Theatre and renovations at the Jasper Community Arts Center. The group has raised about $4 million of its goal. Library Director Christine Golden stressed that the cultural center project is fully funded. The final push is just an effort to have more money for contingencies or to fund future needs for the arts and library.

• Heard that fundraising efforts will shift from Jasper LEADs to focusing on funding ongoing operations for the arts commission and library such as each entity’s endowment at the Dubois County Community Foundation or for programming.

• Discussed a pay increase for Business Manager Angie Schitter. Schitter is taking on accounting duties for the cultural center project.

• Heard that construction work has begun on the cultural center. Construction crews are working on dirt work to set the foundation for and raise the elevation of the building before they begin constructing the building. Golden said the plan is to have one section of the building under roof by the winter so that crews can continue working through the winter months. The building is split into three sections in the construction plans — the arts wing, the event space and the library wing. The arts wing is the section that is scheduled to be under roof by winter.

• Reviewed the payment procedure for invoices during construction. Krempp Construction will send invoices to Hafer Associates of Evansville, the engineering firm overseeing the project. Hafer will review the invoices and forward them to Golden and Arts Commission Director Kyle Rupert, who will review the invoices before bringing them to the Jasper City/Library LLC board who will give final approval for payment.

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