Meeting: Jasper Parks

The Jasper Park and Recreation Board met Tuesday afternoon and:

Ӣ Heard a request that the park department create a bark park. A story is on the front page.

”¢ Agreed to let the Ladies Softball League use a field that will be open Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Youth Sports Complex. The adult league will use the softball field closest to the complex’s north parking lot instead of the field at Bohnert Park. Adult leagues typically do not use fields at the complex, but since the field will be open, it would be good if a league was utilizing it, Recreation Director Dave Lesko said. By doing so, the park department would no longer have to prepare the Bohnert Park field, he said.

”¢ Decided that the former Jasper Country Club property that the city will soon own will be closed to the public once the transfer is completed. The Jasper Redevelopment Commission authorized the park board to secure and handle the upkeep of the property, which is west of U.S. 231 and south of Schuetter Road. Park Director Ken Buck said the department will mow the property every three or four weeks and it will not be maintained as a golf course. For safety reasons, the park board wants to make sure the public doesn’t get onto the property while the city determines how it will be used. The property will be closed and the gate locked until further notice.

Ӣ Hired seasonal employees for the summer, which is done every year.

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