Meeting: Jasper Park & Recreation Board

The Jasper Park & Recreation Board met Tuesday and:

Heard that the city’s Older Americans Center’s exercise classes are going well. The classes are following strict COVID-19 safety precautions, such as mandatory masks, temperature checks and social distancing. The board encouraged the classes to continue as long as safety remains a priority.

Opened four quotes for a new weight machine for the Older Americans Center, the lowest at $2,800. The board also opened two quotes for 200 new chairs in the banquet room, of which the lowest was $9,950. All quotes were taken under advisement.

Heard a report on the Buffalo Trace Golf Course. Shop Manager Kurt Uebelhor said November has been an especially profitable month, and revenue is up about 20-25% from last year.

Approved a low bid for a snow plow for park maintenance at $5,750.

Approved the spending of up to $25,000 for updates to the Youth Sports Complex that will likely be completed in the spring. Several of the areas surrounding the little league fields need new asphalt.

Gave permission to seek quotes for updates to a storage building next to Buffalo Trace.

Took quotes from three companies under advisement for fertilizer at Buffalo Trace.

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