Meeting: Jasper Park & Recreation

The Jasper Park & Recreation Board met Tuesday and:

• Approved permanently decommissioning Ruxer Golf Course and the facility’s driving range. A full story can be found here.

• Heard the details of an extensive plan regarding how certain facilities will reopen in the near future — and how some activities will be modified or canceled this summer. A full story can be found here.

• Heard that the Older Americans Center van is still running — in a socially distanced manner — to help citizens get to work and doctor appointments. The local center is expected to be closed until at least June 15, but workout classes have shifted online and maintenance is ongoing at the site.

• Heard that Buffalo Trace Golf Course is open and taking precautions to operate safely. The pro shop will open with a limited capacity restriction later this week, and men’s and women’s leagues are launching this week. In April, the course brought in $15,875.99. As of Tuesday, the course had brought in $10,175 more than it had at that point in 2019.

• Opened quotes for a mower for the Jasper Youth Sports Complex. Hopf Outdoor Power submitted the low bid, with a net quote amount, after trade-in, of $6,539.18. Hudson Inc. of Jasper also submitted a bid. The low bid was approved, pending a spec review.

• Heard that the Babe Ruth fields at the Jasper Youth Sports Complex sustained a total of $81,321 in damage when strong winds tore through the area about a month ago. The city’s deductible is $25,000, and that amount will come out of the park department’s budget to cover the repairs. One of the fields is currently playable.

• Approved the employment of seasonal employees.

• Approved the seeking of quotes for the replacement of the Spirit of Jasper train depot roof.

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