Meeting: Jasper Park Board

The Jasper Park Board met Tuesday and:

• Heard that the Older Americans Center is still closed. Guidelines are being established for when the center does reopen, but with case numbers on the rise locally, leadership isn’t pushing for that reopening.

• Heard that “the month of June was really one of the top couple months we’ve ever had at Buffalo Trace [Golf Course],” said Rob Gutgsell, assistant park director. The course pulled in $83,000 over the course of the month — $30,000 more than most months the course has had in the last five years. July is also starting strong.

• Approved seeking quotes for a project that would recoat the roof on the golf pro shop at Buffalo Trace.

• Approved junking old pieces of golf equipment and other assets from the city’s inventory.

• Heard that Buffalo Trace Superintendent Phil Volz will retire on Aug. 14. The board approved beginning the process of hiring a replacement.

• Heard that during the month of June at the Jasper Municipal Swimming Pool, numbers were high. The concession stand is selling out of items regularly, coupon books are selling quickly and private pool parties have begun in July.

• Approved permission to seek pricing details from Calcar Paving for a project that would improve the asphalt paths around the little league complex at the Jasper Youth Sports Complex.

• Approved seeking quotes on the price to change Bohnert Park’s tennis courts into pickleball courts. A full story can be found here.

• Approved the department’s 2021 budget. The budget will be reviewed by the Jasper Common Council in August.

• Approved seeking quotes for eight picnic tables that will be placed at the Parklands of Jasper, along one of the park’s walking paths, near the main building.

• Approved permission to grant a refund for a pavilion renter. The air conditioning went out at the building ahead of their scheduled event.

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