Meeting: Jasper Park Board

The Jasper Park Board met Tuesday and:

• Heard from Carrie Dick, Older Americans Center director, that participation at Habig Center activities is high. Recent events include trips to Madison and a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.

• Heard from John Bertges that May was a tough month at the Buffalo Trace Golf Course. The course generated $42,870.20 during the month, which was down $17,476.69 from May 2018. The course was closed seven full days during the month due to rain, and on about five days, 20 golfers or fewer used the facility.

• Heard that the Ruxer Golf course should open by the end of the week. The driving range at the site is already operating.

• Approved the seal coating of the park maintenance parking lot at a cost of $4,599.31.

• Heard a property evaluation that ranked the city’s public parks as either high utilization, well-equipped parks; low utilization parks; “in-limbo” parks; and highly utilized parks in need of improvement. Board member Dana Schnarr led a discussion on how the parks could potentially be changed to better gel with the city’s newest comprehensive plan. As part of the park department’s 2020 budget, she recommended adding playground equipment at the Youth Soccer Complex; establishing a plan for the improvement and replacement of park equipment at Jaycee Park; and moving the Older Americans exercise room to another, bigger room in the Habig Center.

• Briefly discussed the possibility of decommissioning a few of the less-utilized parks. That topic will be visited again at the board’s next meeting, which will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9, in the council chambers at City Hall, 610 Main St.

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