Meeting: Jasper Park Board

The Jasper Park Board met Tuesday and:

• Heard that the blinds have been installed in the Parklands Pavilion and are working well.

• Heard that the pro shop at Buffalo Trace Golf Course has been selling memberships and equipment, but no one has played golf yet this year. Ruxer Golf Course remains closed.

• Heard that the Older Americans Center started offering yoga classes. The classes have been well received.

• Heard that the department will focus on maintenance projects around the Older Americans Center and the playgrounds this year and next year as several facilities are nearing 20 years old.

• Approved purchasing golf carts from Cunningham Golf Car of Louisville, Kentucky, for about $27,300 for 16 golf carts.

• Approved seeking quotes for two front-end mowers for the maintenance department.

• Approved 37 part-time, seasonal employees for the season.

• Heard that while the Parklands is open, the landscaping is not complete. There are still drainage and washout issues to be addressed.

• Discussed putting together a committee to assess parks facilities and look for damage, possible upgrades and usage. The idea came up because many of the facilities are 10 years old or more.

• Approved a contract with Jasper Youth Soccer to use the concession stand at Schroeder Sports Complex during the season.

• Heard that the summer programming booklets are completed and were distributed to local schools.

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