Meeting: Jasper Park Board

The Jasper Park Board met Tuesday and:

• Reviewed the annual report. The report reviews programs, projects and revenue for the park department in 2018. Part of the report included an update on the future of the Jasper Municipal Swimming Pool. A full story on the pool is on Page One.

• Approved Danny Brescher to complete mowing, trimming and leaf collection at the Habig Center. The cost for services includes $220 per service for mowing and trimming and $55 for leaf pickup.

• Approved J Fuhs Lawncare Services to supply fertilizer for Central Green and the Jasper Parklands, pending legal review. Also approved Patriot & Sons Lawn Care to supply fertilizer for the Jasper Youth Sports Complex and Schroeder Complex, also pending legal review.

• Heard from Carie Dick that the exercise program at the Older Americans Center experienced a large amount of growth in 2018.

• Heard from Jasper Golf Director John Bertges that even though the golf courses are closed, January was still a profitable month, with $3,281 in sales — or about $2,500 more income than January 2018.

• Approved the seeking of golf cart bids.

• Renewed youth soccer, softball, baseball and football contracts. The contract values allot $6,000 to the soccer league, $7,000 to the softball league, $7,000 to the baseball league and $6,000 to the football league.

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