Meeting: Jasper Library Board

The Jasper Public Library Board met Thursday and:

• Elected officers for the 2019 school year. They are: Pamela Catt, president; Carol Hodell, vice president; Ann Shappard, secretary; and Phil Tolbert, treasurer.

• Heard that the Jasper Common Council is in charge of filling the spot vacated by former board president Dean Vonderheide when he became mayor of the City of Jasper. Those interested should contact Councilman Kevin Manley at 812-630-7862.

• Heard that the cultural center project that will unite the library and Jasper Community Arts Commission in a single building got approval not to pay sales tax on the project, saving about $500,000 and that the project will be able to avoid capitalized interest on the bonds taken out to pay for it, saving $400,000. That is good news since base bids for construction came in higher than expected.

• Heard that the Jasper LEADs — library, enrichment, arts and downtown — fundraising campaign is gearing up again in an effort raise the last $1.2 million of the $6 million goal.

• Heard that the Jasper City/Library LLC, which will manage construction of the cultural center in the same way that building corporations manage school projects, will meet on Jan. 23 to award the construction contract for the project. The time is to be decided.

• Thanked Vonderheide for his years on the board and his leadership.

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