Meeting: Jasper Library Board

The Jasper Library Board met Thursday and:

• Heard that Oct. 26 will be the second annual GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE! day fundraiser for the library and Jasper Community Arts Commission. The event began last year as part of the Jasper LEADs (Library, Enrichment, Arts and Downtown) campaign to raise money for the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center, but is continuing apart from LEADs as a joint fundraiser hosted by the library and arts commission.

• Approved a lease agreement with the Jasper City/Library LLC for the property at the corner of Third and Mill streets that will be the site of the cultural center. The library currently owns the property, but will transfer ownership to the LLC. The LLC will then take out bonds to cover the cost of the project, and the city and library will make lease payments to the LLC equal to the bond payments. The LLC will also be charged with managing the construction project through Library Director Christine Golden and Jasper Community Arts Director Kyle Rupert, who will represent their respective boards in the LLC and act in accordance with board decisions. This LLC structure is similar to the building corporation structure local schools use for major building projects and is necessary due to state laws governing debt levels for government entities.

• Heard that the target date to release the request for proposals for the cultural center is Oct. 20, with bids being opened around Nov. 19.

• Heard that the library, arts commission and Dubois County Museum are partnering on an application to try to bring a Smithsonian exhibit to Dubois County. The program is through a partnership between Indiana Humanities and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. If selected, Dubois County would be one of six counties in Indiana to host the exhibit — titled “Change in Rural America” — that examines rural America from 1945 to the present.

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