Meeting: Jasper Council

The Jasper Common Council met Wednesday and:

”¢ Adopted the city’s 2014 budget at $16.9 million, with a property tax rate of 85 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. Clerk-Treasurer Juanita Boehm said that the budget and tax rate are always approved at a higher rate than needed and will be decreased when they are reviewed by the state.
The budget must go to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance for final approval, which usually is done in January or February.

”¢ Approved an increase in the city’s stormwater rate. In January, the fee will increase from $2 to $3.96 per equivalent residential unit. The equivalent residential unit, or ERU, is 5,000 square feet of solid surface that is resistant to penetration and thus results in stormwater runoff. The extra revenue will enable the city’s stormwater board to fund $2.5 million in stormwater system repairs over the next seven years.

”¢ Approved the city’s 2014 salary ordinance. In that, the council stipulated that full-time employees receive a raise of 1.5 percent plus an additional $10 per week. Part-time employees’ hourly pay will increase by 15 cents.

”¢ Amended the utilities’ 2013 salary ordinance to reflect the recent restructuring of the utility departments. The restructuring included eliminating the electric generation department and transferring its workers to the electric distribution department, changing titles, eliminating unused positions and adding crew workers where needed.

Ӣ Approved additional appropriations to cover various funds for the rest of 2013. Most of the appropriations were for salary, wages, insurance, supplies and maintenance.

”¢ Eliminated a couple parking spaces on the north side of 14th Street west of Newton Street, because of visibility problems. The curb’s edging on the north side of 14th Street 82 feet west of Newton Street will be painted yellow to designate it as a no-parking zone.

”¢ Heard that the city’s website and logo have been redesigned. A story is on Page 3.

Ӣ Accepted the donation of a lot at the northeast corner of First and Main streets near Patoka River from Ruby F. Gramelspacher. The city already owns nearby land that was donated by the Gramelspacher family in the past. The city is to cover the remaining property taxes on the property for 2013 and 2014, which is $117 for each year, City Attorney Renee Kabrick said.

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