Meeting: Jasper Community Arts Commission

The Jasper Community Arts Commission met Tuesday and:

• Approved Reduced Shakespeare Company for a Nov. 20 production of "Hamlet’s Big Adventure" as part of the Main Stage Series.

• Heard from Visual Arts Coordinator Emily Colucci Peak that there are two new galleries at the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center. Local artist Kit Miracle will have paintings exhibited beginning May 6, and Brett Anderson, a printmaker from Evansville, will have his art on display in the months of May and June.

• Approve 2022 artists to be featured at the cultural center.

• Heard from Arts Director Kyle Rupert that about 1,300 people came through the arts side of the cultural center in April. In total, there have been about 5,000 visitors to the arts side since the center opened in early 2021.

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