Meeting: Jasper Community Arts Commission

The Jasper Community Arts Commission met Tuesday and:

• Approved Chase Padgett’s “6 Guitars” show to be part of the 2019-20 arts season. He will perform in the Main Stage series in November 2019. One more Main Stage artist will be named in the coming months, as will additional family shows.

• Heard from Arts Director Kyle Rupert that according to preliminary numbers, all of the department’s revenue streams are up in 2018 and overall expenses are down. A formal report will be made soon.

• Heard that the commission’s January meeting will take place at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 2, at City Hall, 610 Main St.

• Approved the encumbrance of funds for the hardwiring of internet access into the Jasper Arts Center box office. Also approved the purchasing of an awning for the northwest side of the building at a price not to exceed $2,400.

• Heard that the arts department, Jasper Public Library and Dubois County Museum received a $1,500 grant from the Smithsonian Institution to either design an exhibit that fits the theme of change in rural America or create five programs that tie into the theme. The entities’ partnership team will now select one of the options.

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