Meeting: Jasper Community Arts

The Jasper Community Arts Commission met Tuesday and:

• Approved the hiring of a part-time summer employee with the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center.

• Approved designs for crosswalk murals that will be painted along Fourth and Mill streets and Jackson and Mill streets. The murals will be done by local artist Jason Martin. The project will be done in partnership with Heart of Jasper.

• Heard that there were 974 visitors to the art section of the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center in May. From January through May 2021, there have been more visitors to the exhibits than all the visitors from 2015 through 2019 combined.

• Heard the Jasper Community Arts website will be updated with more information and will be easier to navigate.

• Heard that Bowling Green artist Kristina Arnold’s mixed-media installation was installed and will be open to the public from June 3 through July 23.

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