Meeting: Jasper Community Arts

The Jasper Community Arts Commission met Tuesday and:

• Heard from Arts Director Kyle Rupert that the commission’s revenue was down for the year but it had secured three grants to help with supplies and performances.

• Heard that a Broadway cast reunion event will come later in February, with more details to follow.

• Approved permission for Rupert to seek quotes for the season guide poster.

• Heard from Visual Arts Coordinator Emily Colucci Peak that several art pieces have been bought so far, including six from the John Mellencamp exhibit.

• Heard that the cultural center’s gift shop is almost ready to open.

• Heard that there will be several virtual workshops available for kids beginning at the start of February.

• Approved several old items to be declared as junk.

• Heard from Bryce Conway that there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the cultural center sometime in the spring.

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