Meeting: Jasper Common Council

The Jasper Common Council met Wednesday and:

• Heard a presentation about a Courthouse Square infrastructure and revitalization project. A full story is on Page One.

• Approved sending a favorable recommendation to the state’s alcohol and tobacco commission for a riverfront district alcoholic beverage license requested by Hosty’s. Hosty’s is a pizza, pasta and baked sandwich establishment that will soon set up shop in the city. That restaurant is owned by Nick Hostetter and is located inside the former Villa Pizzeria building on Third Avenue, adjacent to the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center.

• Held a public hearing and approved an additional appropriation for the 2020 budget.

• Held a public hearing and approved an ordinance appropriating money for the city’s 2021 budget.

• Approved the first reading of an ordinance containing the advertised property tax rate for the 2021 budget. That rate is 1.0405. The advertised rate for 2020 was 1.1099, and the actual rate was 0.8458.

• Tabled a vote on an ordinance that would change the way the city regulates firearms, bows and other like instruments. Councilman Kevin Manley pitched an idea to the group — potentially converting the old Ruxer Golf Course into an archery range and prohibiting the firing of bows in yards. The discussion will continue at the council’s next meeting at city hall, 610 Main St., on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

• Approved an ordinance establishing rates and charges collected by the city from the owners of property served by the city’s sewage works. Sanitary sewer was run to Hooterville all those years ago and the southwest area along Division Road. The debt service is set to expire in December.

• Approved an ordinance asserting the jurisdiction of the city of Jasper’s water utility service within its corporate limits. It also prohibits future main extensions by any water utility other than the city of Jasper within the corporate limits of Jasper — without the express consent of the council.

• Approved the 2021 city holiday calendar.

• Opened the floor for comment on the public nuisance ordinance. A Briefly item with an overview of the ordinance and where it can be found in its entirety is on Page 2.

• Approved a restricted-use donation from the Victory Temple Assembly of God. The donation was $1,500 and will go toward putting automated external defibrillators in Jasper Police Department vehicles.

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