Meeting: Jasper Common Council

The Jasper Common Council met Wednesday and:

• Heard reports from five local businesses regarding their tax abatements. German American Bank, IFI, Kimball International, Meyer Distributing and Jasper Chair were all found in compliance.

• Approved resolutions accepting donations to the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department and Jasper Police Department from the Dubois County Community Foundation. The fire department received a total of $1,500 in two donations and the police department received one for $1,000.

• Held the first reading of changes that could be made to the city’s gas ordinance. Additional readings and a public hearing will be held at the council’s next meeting, which will be held at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom conferencing on Wednesday, May 20. Under the changes, some fixed rates would increase, but other variable costs would decrease and offset the difference, and the average homeowner customer would see “pretty much a wash,” over the course of the year, General Utilities Manager Bud Hauersperger said in March.

• Approved establishing a new account for the Jasper Parks Department that allows donations to the Parklands of Jasper or the Jasper City Mill to go into their own fund, as opposed to being put in the city’s restricted-use donation fund.

• Tabled discussion on the city’s animal noise ordinance.

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