Meeting Jasper Common Council

The Jasper Common Council met Wednesday and:

• Approved an ordinance that compiles most of the violations in the city’s code book into one section. Violations are ranked by class A, B, C and D to make them more uniform and easy for the public to find in the code, City Attorney Renee Kabrick explained. The only violations not yet included are for parking tickets. More time is needed to make that process and language more efficient, she said.

• Encumbered funds from the 2019 budget and put them in the 2020 budget. That is done each year because some projects funded in 2019 will have to be paid for in 2020, Clerk-Treasurer Allen Seifert said.

• Approved an ordinance to increase the fee for contractors making cuts in city-owned pavement, not including sidewalks and driveways. The new fee is $7.92 per square feet; if the city has to come back and repair because of things like improper backfill, it will cost the contractor $3.67 per square feet.

• Granted a gas permit request from Richard Johnson of Johnson’s Plumbing.

• Approved the annual conflict of interest statement for Electric Distribution Manager Jerry Schitter, who also sits on the Indiana Municipal Power Agency board.

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