Meeting: Jasper Common Council

The Jasper Common Council met Wednesday and:

• Approved amending the language of an ordinance concerning swimming pool covers and fences. The ordinance — which is not part of the Unified Development Ordinance and cannot be worked around through a variance — now requires pools that are 42 inches deep or deeper to be surrounded by a fence. The vote passed 6-1, with Councilman John Bell supplying the lone no vote.

• Accepted amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance. The changes include language regarding kennels, lot standards, the compatibility of accessory structures and municipal code enforcement. The changes have been discussed at length by the Jasper Plan Commission in recent months.

• Heard from a group of residents who live near Downtown Dog and were upset with the sound of barking canines coming from the local business. At times, the noise can escalate to a volume so loud that being outside or opening windows is unenjoyable for extended periods of time, one resident said. Jasper Mayor Dean Vonderheide told the group that the city has investigated the issue and is in the process of rectifying it. Shortly after, the council tabled amending the language of an ordinance regarding animal noise so more discussion could take place.

• Approved transferring funds within the EDIT fund. Vonderheide said the transfer will save the city money by financing the police department’s body camera program upfront as opposed to over a five-year period.

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