Meeting: Jasper Common Council

The Jasper Common Council met Wednesday and:

• Held a public hearing regarding an ordinance that revises wastewater utility rates and charges. No public comments were made. The ordinance was adopted, and the new rates will go into effect with billings that occur after Oct. 1. Overall, the new rate for the average residential customer who uses approximately 5,000 gallons of flow will compute to $38.76 per month — or an increase of $1.19 per month. Retail customers will see an increase in the monthly meter charge of 1.12% to 1.53%, with a flow charge increase of 4.64% to 4.84%.

• Approved an ordinance that authorizes the issuance of City of Jasper economic development revenue bonds and the lending of the proceeds to the Jasper River Centre LLC, or an affiliate thereof.

• Held a public hearing for $1.5 million in additional appropriations from the riverboat, Local Option Income Tax special distributions and rainy day funds. No public comments were made, and the ordinance was approved and adopted.

• Approved and adopted an ordinance that adds a 500 watt LED lamp size and fee to the list of electrical charges for security lighting and municipal street lighting.

• Approved an ordinance that authorizes the payment of specified claims and expenses prior to board approval. Clerk-Treasurer Juanita Boehm explained that some city payments need to be made in a timely matter to receive discounts, and this ordinance will prevent issues that could arise with the city’s meeting calendar. The council will still be notified of those payments.

• Approved a resolution amending the 2010 Comprehensive Plan to include the 2019 Jasper Impact Comprehensive Plan. The extensive document will be used by officials to guide the city’s decision-making moving forward. The new plan is a refresh of the old one, and it will function as a living document that changes with time.

• Held a discussion regarding fences and mechanical pool covers for residential swimming pools. Currently, a fence is required to be installed around pools. Residents who support having the ability to substitute a pool cover for a fence attended the meeting and voiced their position. The issue will be discussed again at the council’s next meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 18, at City Hall, 610 Main St.

• Further discussed the mobile food vendor ordinance. A draft of the ordinance will be presented at the next council meeting.

• Approved the 2020 holiday schedule that will be observed by the city. Also approved changing the council’s September meeting time from 7 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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