Meeting: Jasper Common Council

The Jasper Common Council met Wednesday and:

• Heard reports from General Manager of Utilities Bud Hauersperger and Dubois Strong President Ed Cole.

• Held a public hearing on fund appropriations for the Community Crossings grant match for road work on 12th Avenue and part of a stormwater project.

• Approved appropriating $50,000 from the stormwater management fund for storm sewer projects.

• Approved appropriating $300,000 to match the Community Crossings grant from the Indiana Department of Transportation. The funds will be used for work on 12th Avenue, and the total cost is $516,875.

• Approved appropriating $25,000 from the economic development income tax fund for police body cameras. The purchase still needs approval from the Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety.

• Approved an ordinance correcting the legal description in the Rolling Hills annexation fiscal plan.

• Approved the donation of a sculpture titled “Moon Kissed Crooner” from Albertus Gorman to the Jasper Community Arts Commission.

• Approved an ordinance designating an area on 30th Street as an economic development revitalization area as part of the process for a tax abatement. Kerstiens Home and Design is seeking a tax abatement to build Phase 1 of Park Place Estates, which will be an apartment complex on 30th Street. Phase 1 includes three 10-unit apartment buildings and a community room.

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