Meeting: Jasper Common Council

The Jasper Common Council met Wednesday and:

• Approved a resolution that authorized Mayor Terry Seitz to execute an agreement that commits City of Jasper funding for the Midstate Corridor tier one environmental impact study. A full story is on Page 1.

• Approved an ordinance that will increase all civil city and city utility employee wages in 2019. All full-time employees will receive a 3 percent raise, permanent part-time employees will receive raises of $1 per hour, and seasonal and temporary part-time employees will receive raises of 30 cents per hour. Also approved the addition and reduction of appropriations for the 2018 budget year.

• Held public hearings for the appropriation of funds for the 2019 City of Jasper budget and the city’s 2019 tax rate. No comments were made. The budget is valued at $20,466,082. The tax rate is 1.0722, but will likely fall when the rate is finalized by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance based on property assessments. For example, the advertised rate for the 2018 budget was 1.0432, but the actual rate was 0.8560.

• Heard that Impact Jasper will host a workshop from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the Parklands Pavilion to discuss the ongoing comprehensive plan development. The public is invited to attend the workshop.

• Heard that the Rotary Club of Jasper will host a leadership luncheon on Thursday, Sept. 27, at the Habig Center, that will include a discussion on the Midstate Corridor. The luncheon is from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and attendees can RSVP through the rotary website.

• Heard a report from Jasper Utilities General Manager Bud Hauersperger detailing the Utility Service Board’s meeting earlier this week.

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