Meeting: Jasper Board of Zoning Appeals

The Jasper Board of Zoning Appeals met Wednesday and:

Approved a special exception allowing Carla Popp to operate a hair salon at 545 N. Weisheit Drive W. Popp plans to renovate the garage at that location and use the space to serve one customer at a time. The home is located in an area zoned low-density residential.

Approved a variance for Aaron and Terri Owens, allowing the couple to construct an accessory structure at 4391 W. SR 56. with materials different from those on their primary residence. The new building will be used to park cars and store a boat.

Approved a variance allowing Thomas Herbig to expand a garage that sits within 5 feet of the side yard setback at 354 W. Fourth St. The motion was approved pending the surveying of the property, and on the condition that Herbig completes the construction with that information. The area is zoned medium-density residential.

Approved a variance for KLN LLC, allowing the company to build within the rear setback at 2350 Terry Ln., which is where Jasper Equipment and Supply is housed. That building sits in an industrial zone.

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