Meeting: Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety

The Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety met Tuesday and:

• Approved the local Team RWB chapter to use city streets for its annual Freedom Walk, which will take place on Sunday, Sept. 9. Also approved the Pound the Patoka 5K walk and run to take place later this fall.

• Approved a proposed resolution charging Lewen Line Construction of Jeffersonville $7,500 for damages the company made to the city’s utility infrastructure — including two sanitary sewer structures and one storm sewer structure — during the installation of fiber cables. The damages were unearthed from 2015 to 2017, and the city has been working with Lewen to collect the money. The resolution now goes to the city’s utility service board.

• Approved the holding of bids and readvertising of the Patoka riverbank stabilization project. City attorney Renee Kabrick said there needed to be clarification concerning some of the materials used on the project and thinks the price of the project will increase. According to Herald archives, the project involves the construction of a toe wood shelf on the west side of the dam. The shelf will reinforce the riverbank — which has been eroding away — and narrow the width of the channel in the area to 80 feet, which is the width of the river up and downstream from the dam.

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