Meeting: Jasper Board of Public Works

The Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety met Tuesday and:

• Approved dedication of a right of way of 15 feet off of St. Charles Street for Jenny Caldwell and Timothy Sanders. Caldwell and Sanders are planning to build a house on the corner of St. Charles and 13th streets.

• Heard from Arts Director Kyle Rupert on how the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center is coming along. He said the donor wall will be finished by the end of this week, and staff is undergoing systems training. The cultural center plans to open Jan. 7 but with a limit of 50 people per section of the building, so potentially 150 people total.

• Approved the purchase of a $2,610.11 dispatch chair for the police department.

• Heard that Becky Schmitt will be leaving her position as chief communications officer at the police department. Chief Nathan Schmitt said the department will be looking to fill her position soon.

• Approved a change order of $8,335.44 for the street project on 34th Street.

• Approved recommendations from Street Commissioner Jeff Theising for the annual supply bids and tree limb and yard waste bids opened at the board’s Nov. 24 special meeting.

• Heard from Theising that the public is welcome to dispose of their firepit ashes at the street department, but the ashes can only be put in the dirt or concrete piles to prevent any hazards.

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