Meeting: Jasper Board of Public Works

The Jasper Board of Public Works met Tuesday and:

• Heard an update on the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center from Arts Director Kyle Rupert. Steel is continuing to go up at the site, and concrete floors are going in, as are metal studs and mechanical and plumbing rough-ins and more.

• Approved seeking bids for a project that could bring changes to Portersville Road from Ackerman Road to 47th Street. The road would be widened from approximately 20 feet to 26 feet, and a six-foot-wide pedestrian path would also be installed on the side of that stretch. Storm sewer repairs and installation would also be part of the project. Chad Hurm, Jasper’s city engineer, explained the work is for the pedestrians — mostly children — who walk to and from Jasper Middle School. The city will soon apply for a Community Crossings grant to fund the project. If awarded, Hurm said the city intends to complete the project by Aug. 1, 2020.

• Heard of a 35-foot visibility triangle issue near the intersection of 15th Street and Cherry Street. Cars parked in the Kimball Office lot near the intersection currently hinder the sight of drivers turning on to 15th Street from Cherry Street. Hurm recommended enforcing the visibility triangle and estimated two parking lots would likely be impacted by the enforcement. The board opted to collaborate with Kimball on the matter and did not make a formal motion.

• Approved a revised quote and encumbered $28,256.25 in funds for a truck that will be used by the Jasper Police Department.

• Approved the installation of a new garage door and garage door opener at the police department. The cost will be $2,943.72, and the work will be done by Dubois County Garage Doors. The old garage door and opener are more than 30 years old. They were recently repaired by a city staff member, who said the fix was only temporary.

• Approved extending a conditional offer of employment to Demi Schmitt, who will be a telecommunications officer.

• Heard of a new police department program that focuses on security camera registry. The program is voluntary, and residents and businesses are encouraged to register their security cameras on the Jasper city website. That way, the department can contact homeowners and businesses to request footage if they believe their cameras could have captured a crime or suspect vehicle. (A full story is planned for Wednesday’s Herald.)

• Approved the purchase of a two-post lift from Mohawk Lifts for the street department at a price of $19,944.14.

• Approved Brewer Farms to complete annual tree limb and yard waste grinding work at a cost of $15,889.50 with additional work not to exceed $2,000.

• Approved the purchase of crack fill material from Sealmaster of Indianapolis for $10,800.

• Approved purchasing street signs from Stello Products of Spencer. Stello submitted the lone bid of $1,242.40.

• Accepted the recommendations for annual street department supply bids. Materials included crushed stone, paving material, patching material, concrete paving material and more.

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