Meeting: Huntingburg Works

The Huntingburg Board of Public Works and Safety met Thursday and:

• Learned that Police Chief Art Parks is working on hiring another officer to replace Steffen Zink, who recently resigned. Park’s plan is to hire an officer from the reserve officers currently with the force.

• Heard a request from Parks that no parking be allowed on Stellar Way, which is in the Hunters Crossing subdivision. The street is not wide enough for emergency vehicles, like fire trucks and ambulances, to turn around on the street if cars are parked on the road, he explained. The board took the request under consideration to review.

• Learned from Street Superintendent Jason Stamm that speed limit signs are being put up to make the speed limit on Progress Parkway 35 miles per hour; it will decrease to 25 miles per hour as drivers approach the intersection of 14th and Chestnut streets. The goal is to remove stop signs at the end of next week so that traffic on 14th Streetdoes not have to stop at the intersection, Spinner said.

• Held a public hearing as part of its application for a $30,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development. The money will be used on an engineering report about improvements to the city’s wastewater facility. Should the city receive the grant, Commonweatlth Engineering will conduct the study for $40,000, the board determined.

• Heard that construction work on 12th Streetis pretty much done; city crews have to complete some pipe work, Stamm said.

• Told Wastewater Superintendent Mike Kemp to get quotes for replacing an 8-inch sewer main along Third Street between Walnut and Chestnut streets.

• Approved Park’s request to get quotes to purchase a Dodge Durango for Assistant Chief Brad Kramer after hearing that Kramer is pursuing a grant that will pay for 35 percent of the vehicle’s cost.

• Approved annual bids for materials city crews will buy to use throughout 2019, such as hot mix, stone and fuel.

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