Meeting: Huntingburg Public Library

The Huntingburg Public Library Board met Thursday and:

• Heard that a new phone system was installed last week.

• Discussed possible improvements to the library. The Library Improvement Committee met with a local contractor to discuss possibilities. The next steps are to work out a budget and choose what work will be done before putting the project out to bid.

• Discussed a draft background check policy and procedure. The policy is part of compliance with a new law that requires libraries to conduct criminal background checks on all current employees, all applicants for employment and volunteer applicants.

• Heard an update on the curbside service and virtual programming the library is providing. Next week, the library will offer 45-minute computer usage appointments, and computers will be sanitized after each use.

• Heard that the summer reading program will begin June 2 and consist of a mix of virtual and in-person programming, depending on COVID-19 guidelines.

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