Meeting: Huntingburg Public Library

The Huntingburg Public Library Board met Thursday and:

Heard that Green Thumb Landscaping completed cleanup of weeds in the landscaping beds and trimmed the plants.

Held a public hearing on the 2020 budget. The proposed budget is $632,401. There were no public comments.

Discussed a 1 to 3% raise for staff, depending on performance.

Approved hiring Children’s Librarian Cynthia Kloeck and Library Assistant Toni Eichmiller.

Approved the resignation of Library Assistant Doris Glenn.

Heard that the library staff will start the strategic planning with Kimberly Bolan & Associates of Carmel in January.

Approved purchasing new public computers from Tim’s Computers of Oakland City for $11,373.21 with three years of Deep Freeze protection for an additional $762.36 over three years. The replacement is necessary because the public computers are Windows 7 models, which will be obsolete at the end of this year. The new computers will run Windows 10.

Heard that the library will have a game booth and book sale at the Herbstfest on Sept. 28.

Approved Library Director Lisa McWilliams to attend the Indiana Library Federation annual conference in Indianapolis in November.

Approved McWilliams and accountant Heather Pund to attend the Keystone Conference in Muncie in October. The conference covers financial and annual reports.

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