Meeting: Huntingburg Public Library

The Huntingburg Public Library Board met Thursday and:

• Heard an update on the reopening of the library. The library is open to the public for circulation, computer and printing services. Curbside services are continuing. The staff has put several safety measures in place, including quarantining returned items for two days to ensure they do not spread COVID-19.

• Heard that Library Director Lisa McWilliams compared the library’s printing fees with those of surrounding libraries and found that they are similar.

• Heard that Circulation Clerk Toni Eichmiller resigned.

• Heard that McWilliams is looking for a company to revamp the library’s website.

• Heard that the library has received several applicants for the part-time accounting and reporting clerk position.

• Heard that no public library access cards were sold in the second quarter of 2020. The cards allow someone who lives outside of the library’s taxing area to access the library.

• Approved the following new hires: circulation clerks Deborah Brimm and Rachelle Radar; and summer assistant Katlyn Brewer.

• Approved a pay increase for Debby Fowler who holds a Level 4 library science certificate.

• Approved the proposed 2021 budget of $658,960. McWilliams will present the budget to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, which must approve the budget before the board can approve it.

• Heard that the growth quotient for the 2021 budget was 4.2%.

• Approved a transfer out of the Library Improvement Reserve Fund to correct an accounting error.

• Heard that board members Melissa Boeglin and Mary Jeanne Schumacher were appointed for another term.

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