Meeting: Huntingburg Council

The Huntingburg Common Council/Utility Board met Thursday and:

”¢ Learned from Energy Superintendent John Reutepohler that the cleanup of the gas department’s dehydration unit at 8570 S. 500W after it exploded June 10 cost the city $15,957. The claim has been submitted to the city’s insurance company.

”¢ Introduced and adopted an ordinance adjusting the appeals process that residents are entitled to when facing utility shut-offs and adding language to shut-off notices. Residents may appeal their case first to the clerk-treasurer and then to the utility board if the clerk-treasurer’s decision isn’t satisfactory. Residents also are entitled to enter into a written agreement to pay off the amounts owed over a three-month period while agreeing to pay all future amounts on time and provided they have not breached such an agreement within the past 12 months.

Ӣ Granted approval for Clerk-Treasurer Tom Dippel to advertise a proposed 2014 budget of $9,554,522 with an estimated maximum $1,800,899 to be raised through property taxes at a rate of $1.58 per $100 assessed value. The budget and rates are advertised high and likely will be set lower, Dippel said. Dippel used a low total assessed value in the city of $140 million to calculate the rates.

Ӣ Set the annual public hearing for the budget for Tuesday, Sept. 24, and the adoption hearing for Thursday, Oct. 10. Both meetings will be at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 508 E. Fourth St.

Ӣ Set annual departmental budget meetings with the council on two days, both beginning at 8:30 a.m. at City Hall. The meetings will be held Tuesday, Aug. 6, and Friday, Aug. 9.

Ӣ Heard from Water Superintendent Tony Traylor that water crew chief Rex Bredemeier will receive a John N. Hurty Award from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in recognition of his 37 years of service in the water utility field. Water employee Gregg Miller also will receive the award for his 27 years of service. Employees are eligible for the award at 25 years, with additional recognitions available every five years thereafter.

”¢ Approved Reutepohler’s request to obtain quotes to purchase a vacuum excavator. Reutepohler said he expects the machine to cost about $65,000.

”¢ Approved Traylor’s request to serve on the safety committee for the Indiana American Water Works Association. The position has no set term length.

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