Meeting: Huntingburg Council

The Huntingburg Common Council/Utility Board met Thursday and:

Ӣ Adopted an ordinance increasing the fines for parking violations. Improper and yellow-zone parking fines will be $25, handicap-parking fines will be $50 and parking too long in a limited-time spot will result in a $10 fine that will increase to $20 if not paid in 48 hours and to $50 if not paid in 15 days.

”¢ Approved the weekly salaries for the water and energy superintendents at $1,139 each. The council previously had allowed Water Superintendent Tony Traylor a salary of $1,242 per week, the same amount he had as the former utilities superintendent over water, electric and gas utilities, while he helped new Energy Superintendent John Reutepohler, formerly the electric crew chief and now overseeing the electric and gas utilities, get settled. Reutepohler’s salary was raised from $1,100 per week.

Ӣ Heard from Reutepohler that a natural gas odorizer has not been working properly and likely needs to be rebuilt. The work could cost about $2,500.

Ӣ Scheduled a time to review engineering firms interested in helping the city replace sections of its primary connection to Patoka Lake Regional Water and Sewer District for drinking water. A firm must be selected before a federal grant application is submitted for the project. The firms will be reviewed at the May 9 council meeting, which will start at 7 p.m. in City Hall, 508 E. Fourth St.

”¢ Heard from Mayor Denny Spinner that he plans to use $50,000 in economic development income tax funding to boost the city’s local match for the water main grant application. The city already has committed $83,000 in utility funds, but the increased amount will boost the city’s application score.
Spinner also will seek donations from water customers.

Ӣ Heard from Reutepohler that the new meter and safety technician for the energy department was very helpful during an incident April 8 when a semi got caught in electric lines at Steinkamp Home Center, breaking two poles. The technician was able to close the road properly and quickly, allowing crews to concentrate on untangling the truck and fixing the damage as soon as possible.

Ӣ Scheduled a bid opening for the new vehicle storage garage at the water treatment plant for 10 a.m. May 17 at City Hall.

”¢ Was thanked by Nick Stevens, executive director of the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce, for the city’s support of the Kiwanis Club’s annual car show April 13 and the Huntingburg Jazz, Art, Wine and Craft Beer festival Saturday. The council returned the thanks for Stevens’ efforts in organizing the successful events.

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