Meeting: Huntingburg Common Council

The Huntingburg Common Council met this week and:

• Approving giving refunds to its two customers in the net-metering program due to overcharges. The commercial customer will receive a $3,700 refund and the residential customer $177. Utility Superintendent John Reutepohler told the council that the Indiana Municipal Power Agency is encouraging cities to repeal the net-metering program since the state’s net-metering program will end in July 2022. Council members requested that a representative come to the council to discuss the matter. The net-metering system is for customers using renewable energy to offset their electric usage.

• Transferred surplus money from the electric and gas departments to the general fund; $225,000 was transferred from each department.

• Approved ordinances to provide for Patoka Township park and recreation services for $12,000 and fire protection services for $26,000 for township residents who live outside the city limits.

• Approved a two-year agreement with the Dubois County Airport Authority to provide fire and police services for Huntingburg Airport for $3,500 per year.

• Re-elected at-large Councilman Tim Wehr as the council’s president pro-tem. If Mayor Steve Schwinghamer cannot be at a council meeting, Wehr will run the meeting.

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