Meeting: Huntingburg Common Council

The Huntingburg Common Council met Tuesday and:

• Heard from Mayor Steve Schwinghamer that the Board of Public Works and Safety will work to appoint two new members for a total of five.

• Approved two appraisals for the Huntingburg Methodist Church property for alley widening behind shops on Fourth Street.

• Approved two appraisals for a Jackson Street property for the possibility of purchase of property behind City Hall and for additional city parking.

• Accepted a counter-offer of $150,000 to purchase the southwest corner of the street lot off 14th and Main streets.

• Approved a phone server contract with Matrix Integration LLC.

• Discussed the repeal of a net-metering tariff. The Indiana Municipal Power Agency will give information to the council at a later meeting.

• Appointed Nick Stevens and Jayme Rasche for one-year terms to the Redevelopment Commission and Heather Tretter for a two-year term to the Tree Committee.

• Heard from Clerk-Treasurer Thomas Dippel that property taxes for this year were about 95% of last year’s.

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