Meeting: Huntingburg Common Council

The Huntingburg Common Council met Tuesday and:

• Agreed that housing developer Paragus has met the requirements for a $25,000 economic development grant from the city for the Wagon Works housing development at Washington and Fifth streets. The stipulation that $5 million be invested in the project by June 1 was met in May; as of May 25, $5.6 million had been invested.

• Approved the awning that is on the Main Street side of the Disinger building, which is at the corner of Main and Fourth streets. The awning was on the Fourth Street side of the building, but was moved during the street redesign. The placement has to be approved by the council, which owner Bill Disinger was not aware of. The awning does follow the city’s code for awnings, Mayor Denny Spinner said. And Disinger showed the council that he received state approval for the awning, which was needed since it faces a state road.

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