Meeting: Huntingburg Common Council

The Huntingburg Common Council met Tuesday and:

• Approved an ordinance making it unlawful to make long-term major repairs on vehicles on city streets. Although it does not happen often, it does happen at times; that can be a safety issue, Police Chief Art Parks explained. It would not affect minor repairs like changing a tire, he said.

• Approved two new police titles: corporal, which will be the title current officer Ted Klem will hold, and detective of narcotics, which will be current narcotics officer Rusty Drew’s new title. Klem will handle the police department’s evidence room and transport the prescription drugs collected locally to Indianapolis, along with his other duties. Drew will continue his work and help with investigations, including assisting the current detectives.

• Agreed to let the Huntingburg Housing Authority keep the $10,500 it would pay in taxes to use for installing ramps to make more residences comply with federal Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. The authority manages Friendship Village, a community that has housing units for the elderly and those with disabilities, and League Circle, which has units for families.

• Vacated an east-west platted alley that is north of Second Street and sits behind Walnut and Chestnut street homes. The platted alley was never made into an actual alley and is covered with grass.

• Was reminded that the next council meeting will be Thursday, Aug. 22. It was moved from Tuesday, Aug. 27, because most of the council and Mayor Denny Spinner will be out of town that day at a conference in French Lick.

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