Meeting: Huntingburg Common Council

The Huntingburg Common Council met Monday and:

• Heard a report from Carla Striegel-Winner, director of the Dubois County Solid Waste Management District, about possible areas around the city that could be used for recycling in the future. The city will send a letter through the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce to businesses that have been using residential recycling to give them options as to what is available through the county.

• Tabled discussion of an ordinance that would fine businesses should they dispose of tree limbs and yard waste in residential sites. The council discussed a $100 fine for an initial violation and a $250 fine for a second violation. Businesses could also be fined an additional amount to reimburse the city for damages. Fines would be based on a calendar year.

• Discussed adding permanent lighting to Fourth Street after the street’s redesign is completed. Energy Superintendent John Reutepohler mentioned that business owners on the street were pleased with the temporary lighting set up during roadwork. The permanent lighting would be either flood lighting or rope lighting.

• Heard from Water Superintendent Gary Meyerholtz about the repair of a waterline leak at the intersection of 12th and Main streets. He also talked about the replacement of the water’s meter technician who retired Monday.

• Approved an amendment to Midwestern Engineers’ contract for their work on new solar panels for the water treatment plant in Huntingburg, bringing the total non-construction costs to $87,000.

• Approved a resolution for the exchange of real estate between the city and OFS Brands Holdings Inc. The city will surrender 0.6 acres of land off Ninth Street in exchange for the same acreage of land off Styline Drive. OFS is planning to expand their building and needs the land to have enough side yard between the expansion and the street. OFS originally owned the land but gave it to the city a few years ago. The city plans to use the newly-acquired land for utility purposes.

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