Meeting: Greater Jasper Schools

The Greater Jasper School Board met Monday and:

• Approved the following resignations: cafeteria staff Barb Young, instructional assistant Liz Milligan and Spell Bowl coach Abby Kennedy at Jasper High School; lead teacher Andrea Ackerman, bus duty Abby Giesler and cafeteria duty Aggie Kress at Ireland Elementary; and Title I instructional assistant Leah Peterson, Math Bowl co-coach Jacque Beier and bus duty Maggie Griffin at Jasper Elementary.

• Approved the following new hires: instructional assistants Rachael Tussey and Samantha Hoffman, Spell Bowl coach Kathy Overton, assistant girls golf coach Joshua Dahmer, varsity assistant/reserve football coach Matt Bajorek, varsity football assistants Braxton Mann and Tege Lewis, freshman football coach Joseph Buck and girls soccer assistant Rod Fortwendel at the high school; cafeteria staff Jennifer Sermersheim at Jasper Middle School; instructional assistants Wendy Meyer and Danielle Hulsman, bus duty Kathy Gutgsell, cafeteria duty Donna Jones and lead teacher Kelly Lehmkuhler at Ireland Elementary; and instructional assistants Charity Elkins, Allison Green, Shalyn Foster, Laura Gramelspacher, Laura Blue and Jessica Walsh, cafeteria staff Kendra Hasenour and Marla Braunecker, Math Bowl coach Brandon Bayer and Spell Bowl coach Katherine Hurst at Jasper Elementary.

• Approved Karen Stenftenagel for the $3,000 Master’s Incentive Program/Dual Credit Credentialing.

• Approved hourly school nurses to work up to 40 hours per week to manage additional duties as a result of COVID-19.

• Approved board meeting dates for the 2020-21 school year. The board meets at 7 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month.

• Held the public hearing on the 2021 budget. There were no public comments.

• Heard an update on professional development programs teachers throughout the corporation completed over the summer.

• Heard that 232 students in kindergarten through 12th grade are enrolled in the corporation’s online academy due to COVID-19. High school and middle school students have begun their online instruction, and elementary school students will begin this week. EdOptions, the company administering the academy, had to hire more teachers due to a large increase in students served this year.

• Heard an update on the seven stop-arm cameras that were installed on buses that serve the corporation. So far, the cameras have resulted in about eight tickets for stop-arm violations.

• Heard that the traffic pattern issues at Jasper Elementary have been resolved, as have the usual start-of-the-year hiccups with bus routes. The bus drivers are adjusting well to the COVID-19 safety precautions.

• Approved a memorandum to the deed between Greater Jasper Schools and the Catholic Diocese of Evansville pertaining to the property at Tenth Street Elementary and Ruxer Field.

• Approved demolishing Tenth Street Elementary and replacing the building footprint with adequate parking for Ruxer Field.

• Approved Gibraltar Design of Indianapolis to develop plans and specifications for the demolition of Tenth Street Elementary and for Brosmer Land Survey to develop plans and specifications for the construction of a new parking lot at the site of Tenth Street Elementary.

• Approved the Facilities Management Agreement with The Stenftenagel Group of Jasper for $127,100 per year for three years.

• Approved the agreement with the City of Jasper for two school resource officers for the 2020-21 school year at a cost of $185,228.48. This is an increase of $1,994.32.

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