Meeting: Greater Jasper Schools

The Greater Jasper School Board met Monday and:

• Appointed officers for 2020. The officers are: Bernie Vogler, president; Ken Schnaus, vice president; and Greg Eckerle, secretary.

• Appointed Monica Young corporation treasurer with a bond of $50,000. The bond protects the corporation from financial mistakes and crimes.

• Set the monthly regular meetings for 7 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month at the corporation office, 1520 St Charles St., Jasper.

• Set the board member annual salary at $2,000.

• Appointed Arthur Nordhoff, Jr. board attorney for 2020 for a retainer of $6,500.

• Set bond limits for employees throughout the corporation who manage monetary accounts: corporation deputy treasurer Jackie Howard with a bond of $50,000; textbook rental treasurer April Hopf with a bond of $10,000; food service director Katie Knies with a bond of $10,000; Jasper High School extracurricular treasurer Tina Hilgediek with a bond of $10,000; high school athletic director Brian Lewis with a bond of $10,000; high school athletic secretary Theresa Stenftenagel with a bond of $10,000; Jasper Middle School athletic director Ben Mundy with a bond of $10,000; middle school athletic secretary Kathy Combs with a bond of $10,000; Fifth Street Elementary treasurer Gina Riehle with a bond of $7,500; Tenth Street Elementary treasurer Donna Uebelhor with a bond of $7,500; and Ireland Elementary treasurer Toni Reckelhoff with a bond of $7,500.

• Held the annual board of finance meeting and heard a report on investments and financial indicators from Superintendent Tracy Lorey.

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