Meeting: Ferdinand Town Council

The Ferdinand Town Council met Tuesday and:

• Gave permission to the street department to seek additional quotes for a new utility truck.

• Heard that the park department has been receiving inquiries about policies regarding large events. The park board and town council will have the final say on what events are allowed, assuming all state and national COVID-19 protocols are being followed.

• Heard that the park department will start working on the fishing pier and kayak launch later this month.

• Heard that Town Manager Chris James will attend meetings to review the feasibility of pedestrian and bike trails for a potential countywide trail system. The town received a $20,000 grant in 2019 to further study the possibilities. If the project moves forward, there will be public hearings at a later time.

• Gave the electric department permission to declare three unused transformers as recyclable material so they can be sold to the highest bidder.

• Approved an annual tax abatement for Benet Hall.

• Approved a tax abatement resolution designating an economic revitalization area within Ferdinand pursuant to the Valley Apartments.

• Extended the emergency order and mask requirement until next month’s meeting.

• Discussed methods to add new ordinances to the city’s website so the public can view them as they are passed.

• Heard that new signage for Town Hall is in and will be installed soon.

• Further discussed the GIS map pilot program that James brought to the council at last month’s meeting. This service will allow utilities information to be available on a mobile tablet so departments can see it while on the scene. The board continued to express interest in the service but wants to get more information about it before making any decisions.

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