Meeting: Ferdinand Town Council

The Ferdinand Town Council met Tuesday and:

• Re-elected Ken Sicard as president and Debbie Johnson as vice president of the council.

• Heard that construction on the fishing pier and kayak launch at Old Town Lake is beginning. Lake levels will be lowered until the construction is finished. The two projects are set to be completed as soon as possible but will depend on precipitation levels in the winter and spring. The park is set to remain open during construction.

• Heard that the Town Hall exterior renovations have been completed. The board approved the purchase of signage out in front of the building, which will cost approximately $1,100.

• Signed conflict-of-interest disclosure documents.

• Signed contracts for the Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission contracts for service, code books and zone maps, which will total about $1,400.

• Extended the emergency order and mask requirement until next month’s meeting.

• Signed a commitment letter for the Community Crossings 2021 first round grant applications.

• Adopted a 2021 ADA self-evaluation, commitment and schedule plan. This plan will help keep Ferdinand on track to meet ADA requirements throughout the year.

• Paid special and regular claims.

• Heard from Town Manager Chris James that Ferdinand has been asked to be part of a GIS map pilot program. This service will allow utilities information to be available on a mobile tablet so departments can see it while on the scene. “For example, we get a call about a water leak or whatever the issue is, instead of having to go back to the office to bring up the file to check it out, they can do it on-site,” James said. The board expressed interest in the service but wants to get more information about it before making any decisions.

• Approved the hire of Colin Leinenbach as a journey lineman for the town.

• Postponed the tax abatement until the next meeting, which is Feb. 16 at the Ferdinand Community Center. The abatement hearing will begin at 7 p.m., if not postponed.

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