Meeting: Ferdinand Town Council

The Ferdinand Town Council met Tuesday and:

• Heard that the water department is moving forward with a waterline loop project along Fifth and Eighth streets near Scenic Hills at the Monastery and the Sisters of St. Benedict. The project will provide better water service to the area and provide a back up system for the lines that currently serve the area. It is expected to cost less than $50,000 and is covered in the department’s budget.

• Heard that the Patoka Lake Regional Water and Sewer District, which provides water to the town, will be updating a water pit near the water tower near the Sisters of St. Benedict to make it a fully automated system. Following the project, the town will update its water monitoring system that monitors the pit and the water tower.

• Heard that the Ferdinand Folk Festival committee will host its Half Way to Folk Fest fundraiser show on Saturday, March 28, at the Ferdinand American Legion.

• Appointed Duane Lorey to the plan commission.

• Heard that the Old Town Lake project is progressing and the water level at the lake is back to pre-construction levels. There is still some work to be done on the parking areas and lawns, and an official opening date is yet to be set.

• Heard that the town is still waiting on the regulators needed to complete the electric substation project. The parts are scheduled to arrive in mid-March.

• Heard that the town submitted all the necessary paperwork to partake in the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Community Crossings grant program that provides a cost share for local road work. The town is waiting to hear if the projects are approved for funds.

• Approved the annual tax abatement renewal for the Sisters of St. Benedict’s Benet Hall apartments project.

• Heard that German American Bank will hold its annual Clean Sweep event on Saturday, April 25.

• Heard a presentation from Isabella Harmon and Tori Hemmerlein on their plans to bring a Safe Haven Baby Box to the county. The girls have been working with Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center and Dubois County Right to Life to bring the box to the county and would like to install it at Ferdinand’s 24-hour EMT station. The council agreed to support the project if a memorandum of understanding can be reached with the hospital, which would oversee the baby box.

• Approved preliminary design work for the renovation project at the town office.

• Approved seeking quotes for work on a water detention area on Vienna Drive near Forest Park Junior-Senior High School. The project will expand the area and make it more easily maintained.

• Approved the 2020 ADA Transition Plan for 2020. Projects will convert the sidewalks around the Dr. Thomas Building — 202 E. Third Street —and a section of Fifth Street near the DMI building to ADA-compliant sidewalks.

• Approved the list of rates and charges for use of town equipment in cleanups resulting from accidents or natural disasters. The list allows the town to seek reimbursement from insurance companies or motorists in the event of an accident that requires the use of town equipment to clean up — such as hitting a fire hydrant — or to apply for reimbursements from state and federal agencies in the event of natural disasters.

• Approved an appropriation of funds budgeted for the Old Town Lake project in 2019 for use now to convert the pump house into a shelter house.

• Rescheduled the March meeting to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 24, at the town office, 2065 Main St.

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